Nudity isn’t shameful

Nudity isn’t shameful

By now most of my subscribers to this blog likely know I had been sharing images of me fully nude online for years now on Twitter as @t3dus and other outlets. Many co-workers, family members and others who know me in real life have also stumbled upon my nude images but that doesn’t phase me.

This article is about why I believe nudity is NOT shameful and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

Some Facts regarding nudity

Below are some facts and also how society generally views nudity.

  • Nudity is shameful or frowned upon.
  • Nudity is seen as sexual, pornographic or lude.
  • Society teaches us to wear clothing from the moment we are born.
  • Society teaches us to be ashamed if we are seen nude.
  • Public nudity is illegal in many countries especially in the USA.
  • Many folks are closed minded when it comes to nudity & most consider nudity to be straight up lude.

How I feel about nudity

Like other nudists I also have my own many beliefs regarding nudity and what nudity is to me:

  • Being nude is liberating and freeing.
  • It’s just skin, being nude is nothing to be ashamed of.
    • I believe If more people saw nudity the way I do then the world would honestly be a better place.
  • I don’t believe that nudity in itself is sexual and it certainly is not the same as porn nor are my photos pornographic in nature.
  • The human body while nude is NOT lude.
    • Do you think your nude pet is lude?
    • Are wild animals lude because they are nude?
  • Nudity is about being yourself.
    • It’s not about the brand of clothes you wear or how you look clothed or nude. It’s simply you.

So I ask all my nudist friends to continue BEING YOU and don’t let society bring you down or get away with rude comments regarding nudity or your nude body.

NO! I am NOT ashamed of myself for being nude or publishing my own nudes on the internet because it’s not about body shame, it’s not porn, it’s just me being well, ME in the natural skin I was born in.

If you have a problem with me being nude then simply look the other way and move on.

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  1. Darius

    Sums it up perfectly!

  2. Scott Hanzelka

    Well written and logical concise nudist info.One little issue the word lude is should be spelled lewd.

  3. naturalian

    Totally agree, every body is beautiful!

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