Thanksgiving is right around the corner (11/28/2019) and there is so much to be thankful for so I decided to write a few things I’m thankful for.

I want to ask my readers to write in the comments what they are thankful for in their own life.

I’m Thankful for

  • My health.
  • My family, & the few friends I have.
  • My house, personal belongings.
  • My job as a system administrator.
  • I’m also thankful for anybody reading this blog.
  • My fans on & Twitter.

My Thanksgiving Plans

Plan to spend Thanksgiving with my gf’s family on Thursday (11/28) and then that evening we will be going Black Friday shopping other than that we don’t have any major plans.

Saturday we will be having a 2nd Thanksgiving at my house as well as a birthday party for our youngest foster child.

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Matt Crawford

I'm a nudist living in Iowa. I use my blog to write about my life and life experiences. Don't be surprised if you see nudity on my website.

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  1. I’m Thankful for
    – My health though it’s not what it used to be.
    – My family, cats and my smoking hot girlfriend. Thank you Baby Jesus.
    – My abode, pool, beaches and good weather.
    – My retirement.
    – I’m also thankful to t3dus for creating blogs, Mastondon instances, twitter accounts, and other stuff for our enjoyment.
    – My biggest fan. Thanks mom.

    My Thanksgiving Plans
    Going to the home of my nephew and his wife, which is a Thanksgiving tradition. Most of my family will be there. Watch lots of football. Nephew’s wife is a gourmet cook so eat lots of good food. Nap. Eat again. Nap.

    On Friday it’s college football. Iowa over Nebraska, UCF over USF. Saturday it’s more college football. Michigan over Ohio State, Minnesota over Wisconsin, Florida over Florida State, Oklahoma St over Oklahoma. Take that to the bank folks.

    Saturday and Sunday tan naked by the pool in the warm Florida sun while watching football on the outdoors TV.

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