Oh! Naturist Website

Oh! Naturist Website

At first glance the website ohnaturist.com looks promising and somewhat inviting as they boast about over 8700+ members on their front page but after I joined the website at somebody’s recommendation is when the problems began.

Shortly after registering on the website, you will be walked through a process to fill out your profile and upload your photo. Your site access is based on what photo you decide to upload. If you upload anything but a full nude photo that includes your face then your access will be limited.

Since my full nudes have been on display on the internet for years now and many folks have seen me nude even folks I know in real life I figured I would upload a full nude photo to ohnaturist.com which I did.

I was granted “full access” upon doing this and started venturing around the website. I quickly noticed however that the only features this website has is:

  • a brief profile area where you can write about yourself.
  • place to upload photos
  • place to search for other members
  • place where you can message other members
  • List of events (mostly empty)
  • Rent out your house

The website has no other real features to it. It’s essentially a place to upload your photos & message other people.

I was a member of website for a few weeks before I deleted my profile and during that time I got over 80 messages from Men who were commenting on my nude photo or were simply trying to strike up some sort of conversation. Many of these comments I received where sexual in nature and I found very few to zero women on the website.

Essentially it’s just a website of perverted old men. I do not recommend it if you are interested in genuine nudism.

Matt Crawford

I'm a nudist living in Iowa. I use my blog to write about my life and life experiences. Don't be surprised if you see nudity on my website.

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