MeWe to start charging for pages

MeWe to start charging for pages

MeWe has announced that they will start charging $1.99 per page if your want to continue to reach 100% of your followers with your posts. While they haven’t stated how many of your followers won’t be able to see your post without paying this certainly seems like a deal killer for some folks.

Personally myself I have 4 MeWe pages which means if I kept them going I would have to pay a total of $7.96 a month to keep them going. While this may not seem like a lot to most folks this is certainly a bit more than I personally would want to pay given that MeWe is still new to the game, Doesn’t have anywhere near the member base of Facebook and honestly, I rarely gain new customers let alone comments on my MeWe pages.

If you are like me then you might be one of the many folks who plans to delete their MeWe pages before this new charge takes effect.

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