Why am I so confident?

Why am I so confident?

I get messages on Twitter all the time from people asking me how I got to be so confident with my body that I’m open enough to share totally nude images of myself on the internet. Well, I figured maybe I will write a post on this topic so the next time I’m asked I can simply link somebody this topic..

I wasn’t always this confident growing up as a kid. In fact I used to be ashamed of my body and would shield myself in the boys locker room at school. I didn’t use the shared shower at school with the other boys growing up. People used to actually joke at me, claiming I had a small penis when in fact they hadn’t even seen my penis before.

When I was a teenager I often slept nude, roamed the house entirely nude at night and even roamed the yard nude at night but I still didn’t have the confidence to be nude in front of others.

It wasn’t until I was about 17+ that I really started to start gaining some confidence about my body when I had shared a few nude images on some nudist groups online and started a personal blog where I had shared a few as well. The feedback I got back was encouraging and made me wanted to post more, that was until my sister found my nude images and told mom. I was told to remove those images from the net which I did..

However once I got out on my own I started to enjoy more and more time nude while living in my own place and even though it wasn’t until many years later that I started to take/share nude photos online. It started as a way to look back on myself as I aged but morphed into something greater!

Nude in 2007 in my apartment

With each nude selfie I posted I slowly gained more confidence also started to care less and less about what people said about my nudity and started to care even less about who sees me nude.

As of today in 2019 I have published thousands of nude selfies online and likely thousands of people have saved my selfies and posted them elsewhere. Some of my close nudist friends message me every now and then telling me about new nude selfies that somebody else had posted of me online.

Since my nudes are pretty much plastered all over the internet these days I started to care very little about who sees me nude because quite honestly there is nothing I can do about it now.

You see once you put your nudes online, they are there forever. Long after I die people will likely still post my nude selfies online.

Matt Crawford

I'm a nudist living in Iowa. I use my blog to write about my life and life experiences. Don't be surprised if you see nudity on my website.

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  1. Thanks for your inspiration. You are part of the reason I am gaining confidence as well.

  2. Let me join James and say that you gave me the confidence to post my naked selfies on my Twitter account. Thanks, Matt! I hope to pay it forward to others…

    1. What’s your twitter handle?

      1. My twitter handle is t3dus

  3. Very well put James. I’ve been nudist for 50+yrs and am a member of a lot of naturist grps online and have np problem with being seen naked, it’s just a body and we all have one, I’m not as slim as I used to be but that’s life! All the best!

  4. Excellent blog entry Matt. Love the pic of you at your desk… very relaxed and you look very comfortable in your own skin. I’ll even be so cheeky as to say I reckon you are pretty good looking and that desk pic brings that out very well. However nudism isn’t about any sort of looks but being naturally comfortable nude which you are… you’re just plain lucky you have good looks a a bonus lol.

  5. My twitter is mikeian471 and I will like to have you as a #naked friend!

  6. I, also commend you Matt, and anyone who’s unashamed of their skin. I welcome anyone to my door who wants to be nude. I say to people who see me nude, join me, but don’t dare criticize me. We all have a body Some better looking than others, but it in those bodies where we live. It’s mine!!!

      1. Just Doug is fine.
        Thank you

  7. You are helping put nudism/naturism into is rightful place as part of being human. Well done.
    Like you I have many nude photos of me on holidays all throughout Europe, parts of Asia and some in the States. I can only guess they have been copied. If so, they obviously think my body is acceptable. I am no Adonis though!

  8. I had a guy visit me, and we planned on me being nude. He wouldn’t join me, but probably will next time. He is a nudist and we agreed to meet and have a nude beer or two. We will do it again soon. Naked! He’s single, and we have no expectations for when we meet nude. I’m not gay nor is he, but if you are, you’re still welcome to be nude with me.

    1. I’m straight but I’m all for hanging out with fellow nudists!

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