Old Threshers Reunion

Old Threshers Reunion

I’m writing about this in past tense because this has already came and gone but regardless I figure some folks may enjoy reading about this trip. I’m not going to get into full details but I will outline some of the highlights from this trip. The goal was to camp from Aug 29 to Sept 2 for the 5 days this event was going on.

We left our house on August 29 on a Thursday to setup camp at Old Threshers Reunion in Mt Pleasant, IA. We spent pretty much that evening setting up camp and went out to eat at Press Box Grill & Bar since it was so late.

We spent the next 4 days exploring the grounds at Old Threshers Reunion, cooked our own meals at the campsite which was the whole point of camping there besides being local to the event. In the evening hours they had concerts going on 4 of the nights of the event. We went to 3 of the 4 concerts.


We went to the last 3 concerts on this list and skipped the first one as we were late setting up camp.

  • Thursday Aug 29 – Dailey & Vincent
  • Friday Aug 30th – Home Free
  • Saturday August 31 – Joe Diffie
  • Sunday Sept 1 – Scotty McCreery
Scotty McCreery – 2019

Other stuff to do there

  • Kids drove a tractor
  • Road on the steam engine trains
  • Road on the electric trolleys
  • Watched the parade of old tractors, steam tractors, cars, etc
  • Saw a ton of old tractors including steam powered tractors
  • Saw a lot of old steam engines, gas powered engines, and more.
  • Visited the Saloon with the dancing girls
  • Watched a gun fight
  • And overall just looked at all the other antiques and side events they have going on there.
Group of the gang – 2019

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