Caught Nude

Caught Nude

So I was home alone nude tonight since I got home after work right up until about 8 pm, however I didn’t know I wasn’t home alone as I was out in the shop entirely nude.

I started walking back to the house entirely nude when I heard voices inside my house. This is when I noticed my son and two of my gf’s nephews were in my oldest son’s room downstairs. Since I froze in front of his window when I heard the voices they got a good look at me entirely nude! Well, I just went in the house because there was nothing I could do about it

Nude in my backyard

When I went in the house they had moved to the table by the sliding door exactly where I had to walk in at and commented about me being nude. I just said, well you are in my house and I wasn’t expecting anybody to be home.

Matt Crawford

I'm a nudist living in Iowa. I use my blog to write about my life and life experiences. Don't be surprised if you see nudity on my website.

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  1. Excellent way of handling it. You were not ashamed and you made your way into your home the way you live your life. If they made crass comments, it is their problem. I bet you just startled them with the nudism.

  2. Well, three guys seeing another guy naked. I’m sure they will be “scared for life” and unable to lead a normal existence. Actually, you will probably be a topic of conversation for maybe a day. Now if you were a good looking woman, maybe a couple of days.

  3. That’s what happened when my neighbor came up unannounced. Just said my house and I am not getting dressed. He stayed and chatted and that was that.

  4. Yeah good comments all of them. When I was young fellas often wandered around the house starkers chatting making their way from bedroom to bathroom or just hanging around. Today’s young males have a phobia about seeing other naked males. This might help them rehabilitate!!!

  5. Well handled. There should not be any shame in being ‘caught out’. Its your home and all is frankly, normal. Us males all have the same equipment!

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