Chicago Trip

Chicago Trip

First off I want to apologize that I’m so late posting this. A lot has been going on lately so I haven’t been able to blog like I want to..

Secondly, This post contains nudity including full frontal nudity of myself. If nudity offends you please don’t read this post as I won’t be held responsible for you being offended.

The Trip to Chicago

Went on my first trip to Chicago on 7/21 for a business trip for my full time job. My co-worker (Christi) planned everything from the ride up, to the flight home so I simply have to do nothing but show up and work.

They had sent me up here to do a few things such as:

  • Install managed POE switch.
  • Install Unifi Wifi Cloud Key.
  • Install three Unifi AP (access points).
  • Help a user switch to a new laptop.
  • Attempt to setup scan to e-mail on a printer.
  • Help another user with his computer woes.
  • and other random tasks.

Sunday 7/21

Parked my truck in Fairfield IA and I rode up with Christi. Got to Chicago about 4 or 5pm (I forgot exactly when). Checked into our hotel at the Courtyard by Marriott in the north area of Chicago which is within walking distance to our office here.

We then went to the office, Christi went to rent a ladder & I installed the managed POE switch, Unifi Cloud key and three unifi access points in the ceiling of said office. Finished that about 8:30 and then went to Portillo’s which is right by the hotel. Afterwards, we simply went back to the hotel, I went to my room, stripped down, showered and hung out nude the rest of the evening.

Monday 7/22

Woke up early and started my morning off by standing nude on the balcony as cars passed by on the streets below and I took a few photos to document this event.

Got dressed (went commando) and left the hotel at 7 to take back the rented ladder to The Home Depot & then got to the office at about 7:41 or so and clocked in. The morning I worked on getting the scan to e-mail working on the printer and helped users with random requests such as fixing issues on their laptop that they had.

The afternoon was spent working on some projects remotely for our Fairfield office and other random user requests from the Chicago office.

I returned to my hotel room around 4:30 or so, stripped down entirely nude and relaxed in my birthday suit for a while.

Around 7 PM Christi & I left the hotel to go eat dinner at some pizza joint. I forgot the exact name of the place but it wasn’t that great.

Got back to my hotel and again stripped down entirely nude and just enjoyed my evening in my birthday suit.

Tuesday 7/23

Scheduled an Uber and left the hotel around 6 am to go to the O’Hare International Airport to catch my flight home on Air Choice One which was boarding at 8:25am and leaving at 8:55am. Will be riding in a Cessna Caravan 208 which is a 8 seat prop plane to Burlington IA. This will be the smallest plan I’ve ever ridden in with 747 being the biggest plane I’ve been on.

I arrived in Burlington IA at 10 am and one of my co-workers picked me up at the airport and drove me back to Fairfield, IA where my truck was parked. I went into the office and punched in close to noon and worked for a couple hours before heading home to my family.

Below are some photos from the day while I was traveling home.

During my trip there are a couple things I missed the most:

  1. my family
  2. my truck and the ability to drive myself around.

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  1. Great content, Matt! How was Air Choice One?

    1. It was great! Smallest plane I’ve ever been on but the flight was good.

  2. Matt, this post is wonderful, speaking from a naturist point. At any appropriate time, you were nude. As a naturist and naturism advocate for the lifestyle, you certainly took this trip and made a point to live the life which makes you an individual – a true nudist/naturist. With the photos to prove, you did not just talk the naturist talk, YOU LIVED IT! I believe that makes you a true naturist whom I am very happy to call a friend and naturist counterpart. Keep up the great work of posting your nudist life, as that is you. You have No Body Shame, are Body Positive, and a true Proof is in the Pudding(Photos) man.

    I really can’t speak on your work related items, but it was great for the company to have you there to install and put out fires from employees.

    1. I try to be nude whenever possible. There are times when I simply don’t get undressed when I’m alone because of the bother of having to get re-dressed soon after but if it wasn’t for that worry I’d be nude all the time when not at work.

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