How to take nude self portraits

How to take nude self portraits

I always have people messaging me on Twitter or other platforms asking me how I take my nude self portraits and they are always amazed when I respond with, I take them myself.

In this article I’ll explain Camera Modes, how to hold your camera and step by step instructions showing how I take my nude self portraits. There are a number of different techniques you can use & I’ll try my best to cover them all in this article.

DSLR Camera Modes

In this section I will cover the different camera modes you might find on a dslr camera if you are a lucky owner of one of these types of cameras.

Timer Method

Timer mode will allow you to set a timer for different time lengths. The idea of using this mode is you will have your camera on a tripod, pointing where you intend to stand, you will then push the shutter button, and go pose for the photo in the designated area.

Wireless Remote Method

Wireless remotes are amazing, with a wireless remote you can place your camera in this mode, go stand in front of the camera and take a photo using the remote! Way easier than using the timer and going back and forth between each photo.

Cell Phone Modes

Cell phones likely have a timer mode which I mentioned above & you can also purchase a wireless bluetooth remote to use with your phone to take photos as well. However, some cell phones come with another mode that you may not of known about.

Use Voice Commands

Some cell phones like the Samsung S8 and S9, S9+, S10 has a feature called voice commands where you can say words like “Cheese” “Smile” and others to take a photo when this feature is enabled. So prop your phone against something or use a tripod and phone mount and point it where you want to stand and test it out!

Holding the camera

Now that we have covered modes you might find on your camera, it’s time to cover how you might hold or position the camera for your selfie!

Camera and a Tripod

This is my preferred method & is my go to method to take the majority of my nude self portraits that you likely have seen on my twitter account.

Gear required:

  • DSLR Camera (timer mode or wireless remote required)
  • Tripod
  • If using a cell phone get a phone holder and bluetooth remote.
Use a Selfie Stick or camera stand

Get a selfie stick! With this handy device you can hold your cell phone, aim it back at yourself and snap photos. Easy!

Use your Arm

This one is pretty self explanatory. Hold your camera out away from your body with your arm. The goal here is to capture yourself while trying to keep your arm out of the photo as much as possible.

Use a mirror

I only recommend this method as a last resort as it can result in some fairly tacky results.

Hold your cell phone up in front of you with the camera turned on (flash off) and aimed into the mirror. You should be looking at your cell phone screen and seeing your reflection in the mirror on the screen.

Adjust your pose until you are happy with the image and cannot see your arm in the cell phone screen. Snap the picture.

How I take selfies!

I normally use a tripod, remote shutter and either a cell phone or my small mirrorless dslr. I have a bigger dslr I could use as well but the smaller one is nice for portability.

Canon EOS M pictured & cheap Manfrotto tripod
Cell phone, bluetooth remote, tripod and phone holder

First thing to do is to install your camera on your tripod

Position the camera pointing towards where you plan to stand in the photo

Behind the Scenes

Click the shutter button on your wireless remote (or use a timer) and if you were successful you should have a new photo of yourself on your camera!

Matt Crawford 2019 | Finished Selfie

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Matt Crawford

I'm a nudist living in Iowa. I use my blog to write about my life and life experiences. Don't be surprised if you see nudity on my website.

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  1. Hey Matt-

    Thanks for the article. Your pictures always turn out like some photographer is doing them for you and it is cool to know that the photographer actuallys is you. Keep up the great work.

  2. I do all my self portraits with my camera on a tripod and the timer on the camera. Sometimes takes a couple of shots to get it right. Occasionally someone else takes a photo of me, but half the time they miss my feet off.

    1. I’ve always shot my own nudes. Nobody I know in rl will help me with it.

  3. That’s how I do it too. Although mine don’t usually turn out as well as yours.

  4. Sometimes I set to movie mode at the highest resolution and frame rate the lighting will allow. Then I walk by or engage in doing something. I will usually snag a few good frames for stills. Sometimes the entire video is worth keeping.

    I think the best photos are of a lovely environment and there just happens a person in it.

    1. I love landscape photos, I agree they do look more interesting at times with a person in that shot

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