30 Days Commando

30 Days Commando

Today officially marks 30 days that I’ve went commando during my commando challenge that announced I was doing on June, 26.

Leave me a comment below and congratulate me.

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  1. That’s great Matt! I have 1 pair of underwear that I have misplaced and do not need!

  2. Congratulations Matt, keep it up 👍

  3. Way to go, Matt! I knew once you started going commando you would realize how more comfortable it is. 🙂 Plus, you have fewer clothes to wash…lol

  4. Congrats Matt. I’ve been going commando a lot lately too. Feels natural.

  5. Way to go! Loose the underwear for good. You don’t need it.

  6. Congratulations Matt! I love going commando, since going comanndo since the end of December I find underwear very confining! Enjoy!!!

  7. Congrats buddy! I’ve been commando now for a couple months now too

  8. Awesome!

  9. Always Commando…good to see you doing it

    1. Congratulations on 30 days!!!

  10. Congrats man. I’ve been going commando for years now and it’s been good to me. I hope you’re enjoying the comfort and easy of commando. Always try on new pants before you buy.. you’ll know if the fabric is going to be a problem for going commando.

  11. I go commando all the time with the exception of when I need to wear a suit or dress pants. Otherwise, shorts, jeans etc dont need underwear or jocks. Its a damn site more comfortable and healthy!

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