Dare to be nude as much as possible

Dare to be nude as much as possible

Sunday 6/9/19

I started the day off with a goal and that goal was to spend the day nude and stay nude as much as I possibly could. I decided that cleaning my garage is probably my best bet since nobody in my house likely will allow me to stay nude all day.

I woke up Sunday morning at about 8 am and went to my 2nd garage (which I will refer to as my shop) where I normally park my truck, four wheeler, mowers and have a small make shift studio in it for my photography.

Lots to pick through!

I was nude in the shop from about 8 am to 12pm when I went inside because my loving girlfriend wanted me to make a trip to Wal-Mart to get some parts to fix a shelf that holds my youngest son’s toys.

Essentially after wasting time at Wal-Mart I decided they didn’t have what I need so I went back to my garage at about 12:30 and stripped down again so I could clean more.

Roughly about 3:30 I decided to go to Orscheln’s to see if they have what I need to fix my youngest son’s shelf. I got back home about 15 mins later with the parts and stripped down again and proceeded to fix the shelf.

Once I fixed the shelf I decided to bring it inside so my gf can start loading it with toys and such so I got dressed, brought the shelf inside, went back to the shop and stripped down again & spent several more hours out in the shop working on cleaning up and organizing the shop.

Finished Shelf. Totes sit on the rods to hold the toys.

I estimated I was probably nude for about 10 hours on Sunday doing various things around the shop.

Here are some of the things I did in the shop.

  • Repacked & stacked garage sale items so they aren’t all over the garage.
  • Rebuilt a shelf
  • Set aside a pile of stuff to go in the attic.
  • Replaced light bulbs in the ceiling
  • Cleaned out the bathroom
  • Thought about how to organize my office in the shop
  • Cleaned up the studio area
  • Worked towards cleaning off the work benches
  • Bagged up empty pop cans
  • Sweep the floor

Some of my next projects

  • Build shelving to store smaller items on the walls vs in the way.
  • Build a shelf for my jacks and jack stands
  • Build a stuffed animal cage for my kid’s toys
  • Redesign the man cave & get a working tv in there
  • Find a new area to mount the stereo and a computer to stream Sirius XM radio.
  • Replace side door on the shop
  • Replace door between house and attached garage
  • Get working plumbing to the shop
  • Build a shed in the yard to store mowers and equipment
  • Fix the back sliding door on deck
  • Replace siding and some windows in the house


By the end of the day I decided that I need to experience more days like this so I’ll be working more on my detached garage in the near future to finish up some of my other projects and plans for the space.

The end goal is to make my shop a nudist friendly area where I can escape to from time to time & make people aware if they enter my shop they may see me entirely nude.

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  1. Well done. From what I can tell, you don’t really have a better option. And this is fair. You have two garages. Designating one as a nude area is sensible and ought to be respected!

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