Twitter Cracking Down

I’ve been using twitter since 2009 but I’m not sure how much longer I plan to use it after their latest tricks they have been pulling on my account at @t3dus. Even if I do leave twitter I’ll likely keep my business twitter @snapgeekphoto & @g3kxyz open.

Let me explain a bit more about why I used to love twitter and the openness of it all & how things have changed for the worst.

I used to be able to share nudist related photos, short stories and all sorts of things on there but that was before Twitter started becoming more like other social media sites. Nowadays, Twitter is banning folks for posting nude photos on their platform and have become more like Facebook where they try to restrict the amount of nudity and content that could be deemed “sensitive” to whiny babies that use the platform.

I thought folks were becoming more open with nudity but the more I post and share details of my life including nudity the more I get shot down by being banned, or shadow banned from twitter and other social media platforms.

Nowadays when I post photos on twitter they instantly mark it as “sensitive” which fucks up Twitter analytics & then I’m not longer able to track views and other activity on the post. This breaks the way I interact with my followers and get a sense of what posts they like or dislike. This just downright pisses me off.

I’ve been a twitter user since 2009 for my personal tweets but that may come to an end sooner than later.

In more recent news

Twitter has seemingly suspended thousands of accounts that are suspected bot account and conservatives are claiming it’s a deliberate political crackdown or #TwitterLockout.

More news on this here.

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