What does Google know about you?

If you are one of those people who don’t believe Google is tracking you or knows very little about you then sadly, You are likely mistaken!

Today I’m going to show u some ways to figure out exactly what Google knows about you aside from just googling your name in a google search.


First login to your google account and then go to: adssettings.google.com. On this page you will see what google thinks you like along with your age and sex. Chances are google has you pegged correctly.

Activity Tracking

Next, this is where this gets scary. You can actually see all the activity that google is tracking on you. Who knows what they do with this data. Go to myactivity.google.com & check out the activity. It might just scare you!

Location Tracking

Even more scary, Google knows everywhere you have been to or searched for on Google maps! To see that data go to google.com/maps/timeline & you will see that Google tracks you everywhere & has for years!

What I found?

I was able to find that google knows my name, gender, birth date, personal cell number, websites I visited, exactly where I’ve been for years and even knows when I have used google voice. If I had Google Home it would know exactly when I used that to turn on a light for example.

And this folks is why I have been trying to limit myself from smart devices, IOT home devices, and big brother services such as Google, Google Chrome, Google Home, Alexa, Amazon, Microsoft and other big brother names. They all track you in similar ways that google does.

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