Setup Budabot in Linux

How to setup Budabot in Linux

This guide talks about how to setup Budabot in linux. Budabot is a organization bot for the game Anarchy Online. If you don’t play that game then you don’t need to setup a bot. If u prefer windows follow this guide.

This guide assumes you have a working version of Ubuntu or Debian setup on a server or VPS server. If you don’t then get that setup first before you try to follow my guide.

These steps also assume you have already created a new character and joined it to your org (if it’s an org bot)

Now that the requirements are out of the way, lets start.

Install packages required to make it run

It will ask u to set a password for mysql so make sure u do that.

apt-get -y install php php-mbstring php-curl php-xml php-mysql php-sqlite3 php-bcmath unzip mysql-server

Optional.. Install phpmyadmin by following Digital oceans guide

Download Budabot

You can find the downloads here. You may have to update the link I show below with the latest version.

cd /home/matt
mkdir budabot
cd budabot
cd Budabot3.0_GA_build1303251942_linux/

Setup Database

Now its time to login to mysql and setup the database. U can do that using the following commands.

Mysql -u root -p
CREATE USER 'myBudabot'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'myBudabotpass1';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `myBudabot`.* TO 'myBudabot'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'myBudabotpass1';

make chatbot executable

chmod +x ./

Start the bot & setup database

Type in the command below & follow the prompts to setup the bot.


Make sure you use mysql database and that you set it up manually, give it the information u used above when u created it.

You will also need an Anarchy Online account and character to run as the bot. I used a froob account that was a Squad Commander in a guild.

Once u are done setting it up you can “ctrl + C” to kill the bot so we can set it up to boot at startup.

Start bot at boot up

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/Budabot.service

and enter something like this




replace “myname” with whatever user/group you want running it. I kept it simple and ran it as my user account and from my home directory.

Test your new service

sudo service Budabot start

And you can set it to run at start with:

sudo systemctl enable Budabot

Systemd logs all output, so while you can’t actually see the terminal you can access that services current log to see what would of been in the terminal up to that point, which is pretty cool. The command for that is:

sudo journalctl -u Budabot.service

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