Home Grown Webserver

Home Grown Webserver

Before I start, here’s a little back story.

I used to run a reseller server that was hosted at the datacenter known as Host Dime & I offered hosting to customers. I quit the reseller business for several reasons: lost too many customers, Host Dime raised costs, and the fact I could no longer buy Multi-Domain SSL certs through them. So I abandoned my hosting business and moved my websites over to NameCheap hosting for the time being.

Now since NameCheap does not allow nudity on their servers I have now been debating moving away from them. Sure I could go get adult hosting at HostGator or something but they are also way too pricey after their promotion ends since I am not making any $ from my websites.

The above said, I’ve been toying with the idea doing one of three things..

  • Migrating G3K.XYZ to Medium platform under the domain ndstgeek.com & find a new home for snapgeek.com (perhaps on a home server)
  • Moving G3K.XYZ and snapgeek.com to a dedicated server ran out of my house.
  • Keeping both hosted at NameCheap where they currently reside which means no adult content.

About the dedicated server

To help me decide I recycled an old computer I had laying around and built a Ubuntu LAMP server out of it w/virtual hosts so I can run multiple websites from it.

Here are the specs of my old dedicated now Ubuntu LAMP Server:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz
HD: 120 GB SSD

The coolest part of my new dedicated server is I got it to work with WordPress as well so I could easily setup my photography site on it if I desired.

Currently I have the server secured with a firewall and took every step I could think of and found online to secure the server from hackers though I currently do not have FTP or SSH access setup to it from outside my home network.

Benefit of moving to Medium

Reasons I have thought about moving to Medium (at least for G3K.XYZ) is because for a one time fee of $75 I get SSL cert and hosting for life. Plus Medium has such a great community that I’d likely get more hits than I would on a wordpress website hosted on NameCheap or on my dedicated server I built.

Final choice?

So far I haven’t made up my mind what I plan to do with my two remaining websites and they still reside over on NameCheap for the time being but I’m not in a super big rush to figure it out since I paid for hosting through NameCheap for the whole year of 2017.

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