Switching Hosts

Switching Hosts

G3K.XYZ is moving to a new host effectively immediately as our current host is intending to rip us off big time!

The Story Behind the Move

For over 10 years I have used hosting with Surpass Hosting which is a sister company of Host Dime and they used to always be helpful and would do just about anything I requested until recently.

At some point last year I bought a Dedicated IP address for my 3 major sites (kustomchoice.com, g3k.xyz, snapgeek.com) and also a Multi-Domain SSL cert to go along with them. Yes, I know there is almost no real reason to have SSL on at least two of those domains but I wanted it anyways so my customers/visitors felt more confident in visiting/using my websites plus it makes me look more professional.

Well Fast forward to 2017 now & today I come to find out that Surpass Hosting will no longer allow me to renew my Multi-Domain SSL Cert (yes the one i purchased LAST YEAR) because they no longer offer them. Instead Surpass Hosting expects me to buy 3 single domain SSL certs at $30 a pop which would equal $90.

Now due to the nature of SSL Certs and dedicated IP addresses I’m assuming that would mean I likely would have to buy 2 more dedicated IP addresses as well. Surpass charges $36 per dedicated IP address per year so for 3 it would cost me $108 for 3 dedicated IP Addresses.

So that means my total hosting costs would total up to be:

  • $150/yr Reseller Hosting (Legacy Plan, their new plans are even more!)
  • $90/yr – 3 SSL Certs
  • $108 – 3 Dedicated IP
  • $348 Total a year for hosting through Surpass Hosting.

No thanks Captain Ripoff.. My hosting business has been in decline now for several years so it’s easier for me to just close it than to keep taking a loss.

This leaves me with two domains out of 10+ ones that I actually care about that will move to my new host.

My new host will cost me a total of:

  • $38.88/yr – Hosting
  • $29.88/ur – Multi-Domain SSL
  • $0 – Dedicated IP
  • $68.76 Total for a year of hosting for 3 domains (if I move a 3rd one there).

I should of done this years ago when my hosting business started costing me money to run instead of making me money but I was too stubborn to give up the dream of owning a successful hosting business.

These days though my real focus is on my photography at Snap Geek Photography so it makes sense now to make this move.

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