Avoid being banned on Twitter

Twitter isn’t exactly against nudity entirely but they do have some rules about how to setup your account that they prefer users to follow.

Even better, if you follow Twitter’s rules on nudity then you likely won’t be banned anytime soon. So what are Twitter’s rules you ask? Well if you read their terms of service they basically clearly outline it for you but many folks simply don’t follow the rules.

Twitter’s Rules are listed here for those who fail to stumble through the TOS to find the link.

In the rules under the section “Content Boundaries and Use of Twitter” and down to “Graphic Content” you will see this information.

Set your account to “Sensitive”

Basically what that means is that to meet Twitter’s terms you need to do the following:

  • Click your profile photo (by the tweet button up top) and click “Settings and Privacy”
  • Then on the left side click “Privacy and safety”
  • Scroll to bottom and check the box by “Mark media I Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive”
  • You you are free to post nudity without fear of Twitter banning you.

Alternatives to Twitter!

Tired of Twitter and their sensitivity to nudity? Well there are other options!

  • Ello.co – Ello allows nudity but they do ask that u mark your account as containing nudity (mostly for IOS users as Apple requirements to have Ello.co in their store).
  • Flickr – Nudity is allowed here but only if you flag it appropriately.
  • SnapChat – SC isn’t entirely against nudity but too much nudity and they may eventually ban you.
  • Tumblr – These folks allow nudity which is surprising because it’s owned by Yahoo.

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