E-mail Scams & Phishing

E-mail Scams & Phishing

We have been getting a ton of E-mail Scams and Phishing e-mails at work lately (mostly due to Office 365 and their poor spam filtering) and I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of them and point out how you can easily detect that they are not Genuine e-mails.

Please leave us a comment at the bottom if you might of fallen for one of these phishing e-mails!

Colorful Language!

This first one is from somebody claiming to be “Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft LLP” using colorful language and trying to trick you into clicking on a fake link to what is likely a phishing website or virus/malware.

Apple Phishing

This 2nd one is claiming to be from Apple & is trying to trick you to click a link and login to your apple account.

Were you to actually click the link and login to your apple account they likely would capture your real apple password through the fake website!

Upgrade your Account!

This is a phishing e-mail trying to trick you into clicking on a link to “Upgrade” your account to see your “missing e-mails”

Here’s another one trying to trick you into clicking a link to upgrade your account.

Print This

This one is trying to trick the user into clicking a link so they can help somebody out by “printing” a document for them. Quite a weird phishing e-mail if u ask me!

You’ve been selected!

Phishing scam from “Amazon” trying to get you to complete some survey. It’s not really from amazon and u won’t actually get anything but maybe some malware or a virus if you do anything this says!

Would you of fallen for any of these phishing e-mails?! Leave us a comment below!

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