How to remote with Teamviewer

How to remote with Teamviewer

The instructions below will guide you through some steps that will allow a remote user to connect to your computer to assist you with issues remotely.

 Step 1: Downloading the software

Visit and click “Join Remote Control Session” or use this Direct Link to download the software.

Tip: Save it to the desktop so you can find the file easily for Step 2teamviewer 1

Step 2: Running the software

Once the download is complete, double click on the TeamViewerQS_en.exe file
teamviewer 2
It will open up and show you an ID and Password which you need to give to the person assisting you.

teamviewer 3

Share the information listed for Your ID and Password under Allow Remote Control with your friendly admin to allow remote assistance.

Note: Your desktop may turn black or your display may flickr once the remote user connects to your computer. This is Normal.

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