How to use Proxy Servers

How to use Proxy Servers

This article explains how to use Proxy servers which are useful for a lot of things which I will explain below.

What is a Proxy?

As the name implies, a proxy server is an intermediary between your PC or device and the Internet. This server makes requests to websites, servers and services on the Internet for you.

Let’s assume that you are at work, using a web browser to visit and your browser is set to use a proxy server.

After you type, the request is sent to the proxy server. The server then sends the request to the server where our website is hosted. The homepage of our website is returned to the proxy server which, in turn, returns it to you.


As a result, our website sees the proxy server as the actual visitor, rather than seeing you.

Benefits of a Proxy Server

Here are some benefits of using a proxy server to:

  • Spoofing your IP address
  • Hide your real IP address, location and other information
  • Improve security by remaining anonymous
  • Provide access to blocked resources on the internet

Proxy Lists

There are a bunch of proxy lists on the internet where u can get proxy information from to use for this purpose but here are few that I found. You can find more lists like this by googling the term “Free proxy list”

Getting Started

There are several ways to use a proxy server. You can simply visit a website of a proxy server and surf to a website from there or you can add the proxy server to your browser settings for a more permanent browsing experience.

Using Proxy from the web

Visit one of the proxy servers from a known proxy list and they normally allow you to input the name of the website that you wish to view.

For example one I like to use is called Hide My Ass and when you visit it you cna see it allows you to enter the url of the site you wish to v isit and you can even set some other variables as well.

Setup Proxy for Chrome & IE

Open Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy Server > Check box and enter the proxy address and port that you want to use.

Note: Find updated proxy server IP & Port you wish to use from the Proxy List Above


Setup Proxy for Firefox

Click the 3 lines in the upper right corner and click Options

Then click Advanced > Network > Connection > Settings > then enter the address and port u wish to use there.

Note: Find updated proxy server IP & Port you wish to use from the Proxy List Above


If you have questions or problems leave a comment below!

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