Use Casper to upload Camera Roll to SnapChat

Use Casper to upload Camera Roll to SnapChat

In this post I’ll explain how to install and use Casper to upload photos from your camera roll to SnapChat.

Before I get started however let me state that I’m not responsible for your SnapChat account being banned for use of 3rd party apps which is against the terms of using SnapChat & I recommend you don’t do this if you truly value your account.

Lets get started!

First step is to go on your phone to Settings > Security (some phones its called lock screen and security) and check “Unknown Sources” to On.

unknown sources

Then using your default browser on your android device visit and towards the bottom click download.


The download link brings you to a list of files for casper. Pick the latest one and click download.


Now you will see a page full of ads with the words “Casper” at the top. Just scroll down until you see “download apk” and tap that to download.


Once downloaded u can install the app. Keep in mind you will have to manually update this app since it is not in the google play store.

Sign in to Casper using your Snap Chat ID and enjoy!

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