End to End Encryption Messaging

In 2016 End to End Encryption is becoming very popular and more and more people are moving towards this type of Encryption.

This year in 2016 I plan to do the same thing because I’m growing tired of programs like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype & the potential for the government or hackers to be spying on my private conversations.

Now, I know you might think that you don’t have much to hide which may be true. I know I don’t really have anything special to hide but I still like to keep my private conversations “Private” and away from the spying eyes of our government and potential hackers.

So if you plan to chat with me in 2016 on Hangouts, Messenger, Skype or even good old SMS I may ask you to add me on Viber, Whatsapp or even Signal instead because I simply want to use End to End Encryption vs unsecured messaging types noted above.

I recommend if you do use Viber and Whatsapp that you DO NOT back them up to cloud services like ICloud or Google Drive because those platforms aren’t encrypted and is a security risk.

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