Adjust Windows Playback Options

I get people coming to me all the time especially at work because their headset or speakers aren’t working in Windows. Many end users have called it a “Technical” issue which it really isn’t. More times than not this is a very simple fix which can be resolved by the end user themselves but most of them simply do not understand how to fix it themselves.

First thing to do is to open up the Playback devices in Windows

Go to Start ► Control Panel ► Sound ► Playback Tab and then adjust which one u wish to be the default.

Alternative Method: Bottom right of start bar ► Look for Speaker icon ► right click speaker icon and click playback options


Now once you are in the Playback Devices window select the device u want to set as your default playback device and click set default.


9 times out of 10 this will fix your playback issue. The only time this won’t fix it is if you have some sort of audio driver issue that needs to be sorted out further or if the playback device in question isn’t working properly.

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