Twitter Privacy

Twitter Privacy

There are a lot of people who use Twitter for many reasons such as:

  • Sharing personal stories, photos, etc.
  • Sharing photos, news stories, or other random tweets.
  • Following and interacting with other people in the community.

Anyways whatever your reason is for Twitter you may or may not of decided to make your twitter profile private.

There are a couple downfalls I need to point out to those who do have their account set as private.

  1. If you use @ to reply to somebody who isn’t following you then they will never see your message since your profile is private.
  2. You can’t DM most users unless they allow DMs from everybody.
  3. Profile photos and Header photos can be seen by everybody.
  4. Some 3rd party websites for stats or other features don’t work with your account properly if it is private.

Some 3rd party websites will still display your twitter and instagram photos even if you have your profile set to private. One good example is can still display your private Instagram and Twitter profiles on your profile wall if you have the Twitter and Instagram updates set to display on your wall as the screenshot below shows.

That is due to a setting in the website that displays that content on your wall even though those profiles are private.

Screenshot of Twiends Settings

This could be a potential security risk to those who don’t want those types of feeds public to the world.

I hope you found this post useful and informational.

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