How To Set Up a Minecraft 1.9 Server on Ubuntu

How To Set Up a Minecraft 1.9 Server on Ubuntu

Updated: 3/03/2016 to include Minecraft version 1.9

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a Minecraft 1.9 Server on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04). Personally I installed Minecraft on a EC2 server on Amazon with only 1GB of ram and it runs just fine.

Here are some requirements before we get started:

  • A machine running Ubuntu Server 14.04
  • A machine with 1GB of RAM, but I would recommend 2GB or more

* Note – the rest of the tutorial assumes you have already installed Ubuntu Server 14.04, and you are able to login with a user that has root privileges.

Installing the Minecraft Server Requirements

First run this command to get a list of updates

sudo apt-get update

Then run this command to actually update the server

sudo apt-get upgrade

Once updates are complete, check to see if Java is installed on our server:

java -version

If no Java version gets displayed, you will need to install it before preceding:

sudo apt-get install default-jdk

Next, we will install an application called Screen. Screen allows us to use multiple terminal sessions in a single window. For example, you may have multiple tasks running on your server simultaneously. Screen allows you to switch between sessions, without having to close one, all within the same window.

sudo apt-get install screen

Install the Minecraft Server

Next, we will install the Minecraft Server onto our Ubuntu Server.

First, create a directory anywhere on your server that you want to store the Minecraft files. Be sure to switch into that directory after it is created.

mkdir minecraft 
cd minecraft

Now, within our newly created minecraft directory, download the Minecraft Server:

wget -O minecraft_server.jar

Using Screen, create a new session for our Minecraft server:

screen -S "Minecraft"

Next we will create a short script that will launch our Minecraft server. To create in Nano, do the following:

sudo nano

Once the editor is open, put this line into the script. Once done, save the file, and close Nano.

sudo java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Launching Minecraft Server

Finally, to run the server you simply execute the script you previously made

sudo ./

With any luck the server will launch successfully. If it is running you should see the words “Done” at the bottom of your terminal output

If you do a dir of the minecraft directory then you will notice that a ‘’ file got generated too. Feel free to open it up with nano and adjust settings as needed. You may also want to open up port 25565 through port forwarding on your firewall to the outside world if you want others to connect to your server.

Additional tips

To leave your “minecraft” screen do the following:

ctrl-a d

You can reattach the screen with the following:

screen -R

To get a list of current screen sessions type:

screen -ls

Change your server settings

Make sure you are in the folder “minecraft” by typing:

cd minecraft

and then type

sudo nano

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