Setup Budabot in Windows

How to setup Budabot in Windows

This guide talks about how to setup Budabot in linux. Budabot is a organization bot for the game Anarchy Online. If you don’t play that game then you don’t need to setup a bot. This can be setup in windows too but I prefer linux.

The steps below are assuming you have already created a new character and joined it to your org if you decided to do so.

  • Download Budabot from here
  • Unzip the files.
  • Find chatbot.bat and double click it.
  • It will ask you a series of questions. Just follow the prompts
  • Once you are finished it will automatically start up.

Configure the bot after it’s been created

  • Open the location where you saved your bot files.
  • Open the conf folder
  • right click the config.php file and click open with and choose notepad
  • This is where you can edit all the bot configurations.

Start the Bot

  • Open the location where you saved your bot
  • Double click on chatbot.bat file
  • It will open a CMD window where the bot will run from. Do not close the box otherwise the bot will stop working.

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