Blink Softphone

How to Setup Blink Softphone

These instructions will guide you through the install and setup process to use Blink softphone software on your Windows pc.

You will need the following information handy to be able to complete the steps below

  • Administrator rights on your local computer
  • Softphone account with password
  • Basic knowledge of Windows OS.

If you already have Blink installed you can skip Step 1

Step 1

Visit to download the software. (I like to save it to the desktop or the downloads folder) Once the download is complete, double click on the setup file and install the software

Step 2

Once the software is installed and running it normally automatically starts the Blink Preferences window (shown below).
If it doesn’t then in blink click Blink –> Preferences

Blink 1

Step 3

With the Blink Preferences window open click the + button near the bottom left.
Upon doing so the Add Account window should appear

Blink 0

Step 4

With the Add Account window open enter in all the information that it requests and click Add

Step 5

With the account information added, on the bottom right side of Blink Preferences window you should see it say “Registration succeeded”. If so then you are done and you can start using Blink!

If not then continue to the troubleshooting section below.


Registration Failed

This means the registration didn’t succeed and this can happen for a couple reasons.

  • Contact your softphone provider and ask them if there is a ACL restriction.
    • If so give them your IP address so they can add it to the allow list. You can find your IP Address by going to IPChicken
  • You may of enterered your information wrong.
    • Try to re-enter your login information.
  • Double check to make sure you are online.
  • Make sure you only have one copy of Blink open
    • Do this by expanding the bottom right of the start bar and look for more than one blink icon.

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