Windows 10 Unstable in a domain enviroment

I have windows 10 at home on my laptop and in a home environment it seems fine though it can be a bit sluggish at times, and unstable as this article suggests. I’ve been tempted to upgrade my windows 8.1 pro machine at home to Windows 10 but I haven’t and probably won’t after my experiences with it at work which I will explain below.

In fact I’m actually looking for ways to uninstall all windows os from my home computers and resort to using Linux and hopefully get wine working for the few windows programs that I do need but that’s a different story.

Windows 10 on a domain environment is pretty horrible for many reasons:

  • Windows 10 keeps locking out my credentials and I can’t access anything on the domain until I lock the pc and log back in. (this happens several times a day)
    • The message it pops up on the bottom right is “Windows needs your current credentials please lock this computer”
  • I often lose access to Dept_Shares and access to other servers even after fixing the error I explained above.
  • More times than not I cannot access the SQL servers such as dev1 or db0 through Access or SQL Server management studio until I restart.
  • Windows 10 will update the computer whenever it feels like and will do reboots as well.
  • Start menu is better but is still left to be desired by some. Plus many of the apps aren’t really work appropriate.
  • If you do decide to use any of the apps then Windows will try to make you login with a Microsoft account vs a domain login. There are ways around it but it’s not straight forward.
  • Windows 10 has a lot of privacy issues and if you don’t uncheck all the privacy settings the Microsoft basically logs everything you do on the computer and can even log keystrokes.
  • I’ve had issues where my services.msc and gpedit.msc window went completely blank after installing McAfee Agent 5.0 which is supposed to support Windows 10 for our Anti-virus. After restoring from a previous point where I didn’t have McAfee the issue was resolved.
    • While I did get McAfee Agent 5.0 installed I never did get Virus Scan installed yet due to how unstable Windows 10 is after installing the agent.

There might be other problems I had that I forgot to mention here but bottom line is I ditched my Windows 10 machine at work and went back to Windows 8.1 Pro.

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