Same Sex Marriage Legal in USA

Same Sex Marriage Legal in USA

The United States Supreme court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide in the United States according to this CNN article posted on June 27, 2015 which is a big accomplishment for those who want to marry the same same sex. I don’t really have a problem if people want to marry other people of the same sex or whatever but I am getting rather annoyed about all the multi color photos and such on Facebook and how everybody feels they must go on and on about this topic.

Regardless now that same sex marriage is legal in the United States maybe they will eventually start legalizing women’s rights to be topless anywhere a man can be topless. I mean this is legal in New York already and maybe some other areas. I feel women should be allowed to be topless anywhere a man can, because after all they are just breasts. Breasts are not sexual unless one makes them out to be sexual.

To get even further into people’s rights and what they should legalize I want to talk about legalizing people’s rights to wear or not wear clothes. I personally hate wearing clothing especially in the summer time because you get hot, sticky and they are just a burden at times. I wish it was normalized and legal to be able to go clothes free in public and not for sexual reasons either. I often enjoy to go clothes free and do often at home when I get some time from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I’d go nude almost 100% of the time if it was legal simply because it allows my skin to breathe and I’m most comfortable without clothing.

Who knows though, maybe gays winning their case of same sex marriage will lead to bigger and better things for all of mankind.

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