This post is about my thoughts and opinions about why I will never buy an Apple device again for as long as I shall live and maybe some reasons why you shouldn’t either though I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t buy one.

DAta/Picture Complaint:

If you download photos or other data from the web u can delete them from the phone.

If you sync pictures or other data with iTunes to the phone then you can’t delete them from the phone. You can only delete them by doing it through iTunes.

Ringtone Complaint:

It’s near impossible to get a ringtone to work on these shitty devices. You have to convert them to a special AAC version aka .m4a and then I had to use a 3rd party software (itunes sucks) to place the files in the correct folder on the phone.

Icloud sucks:

Even when you do delete a photo from your phone (if it lets you see data/picture complaint above) the photo still exists in icloud which only gives you so much free space before it nags you to clean it out or upgrade to one of their paid plans.

Itunes is crap

Itunes is the most worthless piece of shit software I have ever used. Lets not forget to mention how fucking confusing it is to use and how some options that are supposed to be there aren’t there for windows users. Maybe it’s fine if you own all Apple crap (I don’t own any Apple computer) but if you use itunes on windows with a apple device then forget about it. Nothing ever works right and I always resort to using 3rd party software. Even the internet knows Itunes sucks!

Phone Registration:

Once you buy an ijunk device it is registered to your e-mail address which means until it is unregistered then nobody else can register it and use it with their itunes account. Buying used apple gear is a huge risk because you are fucked if somebody has it registered to their e-mail and you don’t have a receipt proving you purchased it and from where.

I went through a huge process with them to get a iphone for work unregistered to an old employee and it took them over a month to finish the process. Link1 –  Link2

Keyboard sucks:

The apple keyboard sucks and it doesn’t have Swype.

Locked down

The phone is pretty locked down to what you can and can’t do with it unless you jailbreak it. Android has a similar issue but I feel more locked down with Apple but that could be because it’s missing features that I have on Android.

Apple Store

The apple store is complete garbage in my opinion. It lacks many apps that I like and the ones it does have normally suck anyways.

Outdated Hardware

Only thing good about an iphone is the screen resolution. Other than that they normally contain outdated hardware and aren’t much different than older versions of the same device. Apple just wants to up sell their shitty product.

Made in China

Apple devices are made in china by people they hire for pennies a day to assemble these devices. Personally I don’t want to pay the huge amount of money they ask for something that only cost them pennies to make.

Factory Reset

Requires a PC simply to reset the phone back to factory. Link


Apple and Apple users boast about how secure they are when in fact this statement is just the opposite. In 2014 Apple was #1 on the list of most insecure devices above Microsoft Windows and Android. Apple users think Apple is more secure because Apple isn’t as transparent about their security issues as Microsoft and Android.

For example check out the new Wi-Fi hack that renders an apple device worthless just for being in the area where the device is located.

These are just a few reasons why I won’t buy an apple device. I’m sure I could find more if I took the time to do more thinking and digging but I simply don’t want to waste my time.

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