Windows 10, The OS becomes a Service

Windows 10, The OS becomes a Service

I’m rather upset to learn that with Windows 10 the OS is likely to become a subscription based service that you will pay for monthly or possibly yearly at a time.

Yes they do plan to give us a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out for the first year but after that we have to start paying subscription charges from what I understand. Microsoft hasn’t released details as to what they plan to charge for this subscription service to use Windows 10 but I suspect that a lot of people will not want to use it and will probably stick to Windows 8.1 or earlier versions of windows as long as they can before they switch to Linux or some ot her OS.

Personally myself, I’ve already started using Linux more and plan to learn more about it so I can make the switch eventually. Currently though I still use Windows OS at my job, for my photography and for gaming. Other than that I could switch to Linux full time and be happy.

Read this interesting article at Tech Crunch for more details about Windows 10

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