I’m not sure how many of my readers use Flickr to host their photos or really know what Flickr even is but I was using Flickr to host my photos that I wanted to share with people up until recently.

The issue

I pay for Flickr Pro which costs like $24.95 a year because I wanted the extra benefits of Pro. Well last week sometime Flickr marked my whole Flickr Photostream as unsafe which makes all my photos hidden unless you are signed into Flickr, this change they made also made it so all my photos are restricted & disappeared from any groups they were shared in.

Basically Flickr just screwed up settings for 7,022 photos that I have on Flickr and dropped my views by over half because now my work is no longer visible to anybody who doesn’t have their account setup to view restricted content.

I’ve submitted a couple requests to Flickr to review my account to get it back to a “safe” status but they simply haven’t done anything with my requests which is leaving my account is sort of a lockout state.

Bottom Line

If you wish to share your work with the world I wouldn’t suggest using Flickr because at some point they will simply screw you over. Even if you pay for their services.

I canceled my pro subscription and I plan to move all my photos over a privately hosted gallery at Snap Geek.

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