Windows 10 Preview Build 9926

Windows 10 Preview Build 9926

Those who really know me in real life know that I work for a company as a Systems Administrator/User Support so I have to be on the up and up with systems and networks as they become available. I took the liberty of installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a virtual server on our network where I work so I can get a glimpse of what to expect in Windows 10.

This test was done using Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview Build:9926.
You may notice that IE still exists on this build and that is because Project Spartan is not yet supported for this build of Windows 10.

So here is a list of changes I have noticed:

New Start Menu

startmenu startmenu_allapps

Metro Apps on Desktop


Option of using Virtual Desktops


New Task View Button


New Icons for File Explorer

Windows 10 File Explorer

New Settings Screen

Windows 10 Settings

 Here is a list of supposedly proposed changes to come:

  • Desktop Interface Overhaul to appear flatter.
  • Improved Snapping.
  • The Metro interface may be removed.
  • Charms bar is being removed from the desktop.
  • ReFS file system – Self repairing file system
  • Replace IE with a new browser currently code named Project Spartan.

My Thoughts:

  • Windows 10 has some nice improvements but I’m still not a fan of the start menu because it lists “all apps” and still doesn’t list all programs like we have had in Windows 7 which is a much better way of doing things.
  • In all honestly I don’t really care about Windows Apps nor will I probably ever want to use Windows Apps.
  • When you first install Windows 10 they are pretty insistent on you signing in with your Microsoft account. Quite honestly, I have never use a Microsoft account for any of my Windows 8 machines and I don’t plan to start with Windows 10.
  • OneDrive is baked into Windows 10 like Windows 8 as an app which is really annoying. I’d rather be able to have the option to have One Drive as an app or a normal program.
  • I just hope has a solution for Windows 10 so I can keep using a Windows 7 like start menu.

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