Net Neutrality

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about Net Neutrality and about how the FCC is going to consider who the internet belongs to but what do the people think?

Do we the people even have a choice at this point? My guess is that the government is going to rule the way they want to rule regardless of what the citizens think and it could lead to disaster for the internet as we know it. Here is a list of 5 Major ways the internet will change without net neutrality.  Hell even Tumblr wants the us to SAVE THE INTERNET!

The biggest impact I see forthcoming if there is no net neutrality is:

  • Increased internet costs
  • Degraded service
  • Less Innovation
  • Internet throttling (creating a fast and slow lane)
  • Greater technogical divide by income, demographic
  • Paid prioritization to move to the front of the line.
  • Certain websites will become blocked for certain users
  • No more “Free” internet
  • Toll Roads

All of the above may result in:

  • Less personal websites and blogs
  • Many websites will cease to exist or fail to show up on search engines results.
  • Less internet users
  • Loss in computer sales
  • Less drive to create new computers, tablets and phones
  • Increased cell phone plans
  • Increased price for electronic gadgets.

I personally feel that we need to keep the internet open and free otherwise without net neutrality there will be even greater problems in the tech world. Without net neutrality websites like won’t even exist anymore.

Without further ado, LETS SAVE THE INTERNET!!

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