Tribune Printing Company In Fairfield Collapse

Around 3pm yesterday afternoon, local authorities responded to reports of a possible roof caving in at 101 Briggs. Once authorities arrived on the scene it was visibly clear that the roof of the Tribune Printing Company was sinking in and the building structure  had shift. Crews worked to secure the area by evacuating the surrounding businesses and residences, turning off electricity and gas.ross
According to the owner Ross Walker the building was not being occupied and he was planning to sell the building soon. Walker further stated that the Tribune had been in his family for the past 99 years and that he has 3 cars in the garage of the building. Crews helped push the three cars out of the garage, 2 classic T-Birds, 55’ & 57 and a 64 Mustang.

Ross_Walker_Bldg_Collapse_7-8-14MGPL6673rotatU50MUS250_72_1015ctxtxPaThe decision was made around 4:30pm to bring the entire building down. Fireman went up in the bucket ladder to see over the building while a large machine claw brought the rest of the building down. No one was injured. 25 mph winds circulated debris. Streets remain closed and fenced off for public safety. The investigation as to why the roof began collapsing is on-going. Assisting at the scene were Fairfield Fire Department, Fairfield Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriff Office.Source: Explore SE Iowa

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