Outlook.com Revealed

Outlook.com Revealed

Outlook_Ghostery Outlook_adblockplusMicrosoft has been Attacking Google with campaigns about “Don’t Get Scroogled” claiming Google does all these things with their e-mail such as scanning for keywords, tracking and serving up ads and such but in reality Microsoft is the ones doing this very activity themselves and you are probably even worse off using Outlook.com vs Gmail.

In fact when loading up my Outlook.com e-mail account I notice that I found 3 different trackers in the e-mail service and on top of that I blocked 6 different ad services as well.

The three trackers I found are:

I found zero trackers and zero ads in Gmail account when I loaded that!

So not only is Microsoft trying to make Google’s gmail service look bad, they are also flat out lying to it’s end users about what they do or do not do.

Makes you wonder if Microsoft really does have backdoors into all Windows machines as well like many claims say they do.

I would switch to Linux in a heartbeat if my video games worked with Linux. I’m honestly sick of giving money to the greedy bastards at Microshit

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