Safebox for Cloud Storage

Safebox for Cloud Storage

For years I have worried about how secure my cloud storage data is expecially on services like Google Drive and Dropbox and I have been looking for ways to secure my data.

I’ve tried a number of things such as using Axcrypt for individual files and creating TrueCrypt volumes on my cloud storage but all of them have their own flaws and issues which I’m not going to list in this review.

I may of came up with a solution for both my issues with the previous encryption services. I recently I have been playing with a new service I discovered named Safebox.

Safebox works differently by creating a folder named Safebox on your computer where you would store the unencrypted documents which later get encrypted and put into a .safeboxdata folder on your cloud storage.

Here is a screenshot of my “Top Secret Document” I created that I needed encrypted.

Unencrypted file

Here is a screenshot of the same file encrypted on my Dropbox account.
Encrypted File

I also took a little time to test the decryption process, by installing Safebox on my work computer to test the decryption process and right away I ran into some issues where my file wasn’t properly decrypted and was made unreadable on my work pc.

Reason why this happened is because it also encrypts the temporary windows file so until the file is closed on whichever computer has it currently open it will be unreadable on other computers.

Decrypted File

I’m running out of time tonight to further test this product so I will leave you with my conclusion on Safebox.


Here is my conclusion on the product Safebox which appears to be a great product but it does not come without it’s pros and cons which I outlined below.

I will also state that I’m undecided if I will plan to use this to secure my personal documents or not due to some of the cons I listed below.


  • Encrypts documents prior to sending them to cloud storage.
  • Encrypts Filenames.
  • Military Grade AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Master Password to access all files.
  • Does not require an account and they don’t upload your information, file details or keys to their servers.
  • One time fee of $9.99 & no annual subscription fee.
  • User-Friendly & Easy to use.
  • Data Encrypted prior to being synced on the cloud.


  • Files don’t decrypt correctly if left open on another computer.
  • Puts each encrypted file in it’s own folder inside of .safeboxdata
  • Does not cleanup empty directly folders which used to contain deleted encrypted files.
  • Not possible to share encrypted files to a friend or co-worker unless u give them your master password and possibly your cloud storage account information.
  • No known portable versions available.
  • Resetting master password erases all your files.

Thank you for reading my review of this software and I hope it helps you in your purchasing decisions & securing your cloud  storage solution.

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