Microsoft “Pro” Support

So after over 5 hours wasted so far with Microsoft and their “PRO” Support my issue still isn’t resolved. I’m sure I will waste many more before I finally get somebody with any brains on the phone as I have been transferred now over 10 times.

Truth be told, everybody I have talked to at Microsoft so far have been complete idiots and haven’t helped me one single bit with my issue let alone have really grasped what my exact issue is because they are fucking idiots.

It must be really easy to get a job at Microsoft because it seems like they have hired every High School drop out in the area to come work for them to offer “Support” on their shitty products.

This may very well be the last time I buy another Microsoft product ever again (at least for msyelf). I just wish I could say the same about the company that I work for but I know they won’t ditch Microsoft products.

I called Microshit in the first place to figure out why in the fuck 4 out of 7 Office 2013 keys don’t show up under account and why I am unable to “redeem” those four keys but nobody can seem to answer that fucking question let alone listen correctly because they are all brain dead idiots.

Lesson learned. If you are smart you will not buy Microsoft products and you will switch to Linux.

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